White Coast Property Management Gardening Services

Gardening services

We offer a bespoke gardening service that depends totally on the size and type of garden and the needs of the client. We work with our in-house gardener and other teams depending on the scope of work and the location.

     Initial Consultation: Our team will visit your property to assess your garden and discuss your unique requirements.
     Low Maintenance Solutions: We recommend keeping your garden low maintenance to avoid high monthly costs. This can be achieved through strategic planting, installing an irrigation system, and careful planning.
     Monthly Maintenance: A mediterranean garden typically requires a number of hours of maintenance per month to keep it looking its best, this can be anything from 8 hours and upward.
     Annual Pruning and Repairs: In addition to monthly upkeep, your garden will need annual pruning in autumn and spring and occasional repairs for storm damage.
     Flexible Pricing: Garden maintenance services are available at an hourly or contract rate, which will be determined after a thorough site visit and discussion of your needs.

    Our gardening services are tailored to meet your specific needs, no matter the size of your outdoor space. We offer personalised care and flexibility to keep your garden looking its best and thriving all year round.

    pretty shaded garden with paving and stones for minimal low maintenance
    well maintained garden with lawn and hedges
    low maintenance garden terrace beds